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Snowmobile Repair

Broken sled?  Give us a call 
(253) 848-0908 
We will get you going again.


MX  Dirt Bike Repair

Need MX dirt bike repairs? We can repair, rebuild, or tune up your dirt bike and have you enjoying your ride again .


ATV / UTV Repair

FTX Motorsports has been repairing ATV and UTV since 2003. We can make them Perform for all Terrain Types.


ATV Performance Headquarters


Puyallup’s MotorSports Custom Parts Place


Snow Machine Central

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Welcome To FTX MotorSports

Home of Fastrax Motorsports, LLC

FTX Motorsports is Washington's ONLY FULL SERVICE Premier Custom Motorsports Parts, Service, and Repair Shop.
Parts and accessories, motor,chassis and suspension ..... we do it all .... .and with the best customer service you'll find anywhere!

Snowmobile, ATV, UTV, and MX all under one roof.
We fabricate, modify and repair custom snowmobiles, ATV's, UTV's, and dirt bikes. We are also the home of UNION BAY Racing Engines.

Our spacious 10,000 sq. ft. facility located in Puyallup, WA. allows us to safely keep your toys stored indoors while we repair and tune them.
We have a highly experienced team that can help you through any modifications or upgrades you may be considering for your motorsports toy.
We will always give you honest advice and recommendations to help you improve the performance or handling of your snowmobile, ATV, UTV,
or dirt bike.

FTX MotorSports Puyallup, WA .... (253) 848-0908


Want more PERFORMANCE for Your Snowmobile?

photo of transmission cutaway

The FTX Motorsports team are your go to guys for snowmobile repairs and performance. We are experts at repairing, fabricating, tuning, and re-building all brands of sleds from the ground up.  We have our own in-house dyno, if you want blazing speed and performance. Our team can create custom one-off parts and machine custom billet performance parts to make your snow machine your pride and joy.

Skids, tunnels, bumpers, engines, shocks, custom frames, pre and post season services,
oem and aftermarket parts  .......... We do it all!

In addition to our professional maintenance and repair skills, our team of technicians can also help you through any upgrade or modification you may be considering, and we are always happy to offer advice or suggest changes that will not only improve the performance and handling of your snowmobile but also make it a safer more comfortable ride.

FTX Motorsports has been serving snowmobile owners for 12 years and are actively involved in the puget sound snowmobile community................ We Love sleds!

FTX Motorsports Puyallup, WA .... (253) 848-0908

Need Repairs or a Custom Set-up for Your ATV / UTV?


No matter what kind of riding you enjoy: sand, mud, trail, hill, or racing FTX Motorsports is the place to come for repairs or custom set-ups.

We can set you up with oem, aftermarket, or custom suspension, brakes, shocks, exhaust, carburetors, gear box, drive train, transmission, roll cage, or engine. We will repair your off-road toy and make it perform the way you hoped it would! We service all makes and models of ATV and UTV toys.

FTX Motorsports Puyallup, WA .... (253) 848-0908

Need MX Dirt Bike Repairs or Service?